Why You Need to Prevent Heat Loss Even in Florida

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Typically, Florida is known for its sunny days and warm weather, making winter heating issues appear to be pretty foreign to us.  Yet, an occasional cold front can cause your heating bill to increase a great deal, especially if the efficiency of your home is poor. Many issues that affect your heating efficiency, also impact your home’s cooling efficiency in the summer months, making room for related billing and comfort fluctuations year round.

Reducing Heat Loss in Your Home

As your heater operates, air can seep out of your house through leaks of both windows and doors. A sufficient amount of heat loss also occurs through walls and window panes. Your air ducts can contribute to energy loss, by allowing an exchange of warm and cold air at leaky joints.

Here are some important steps in taking on a personal level to prevent this exchange:

Steps to Prevent Heat Loss

1)   Check for leaks and drafts. Old caulking and weather stripping material should be removed and replaced with new products, reducing the drafts around doors and windows.

2)   Make sure to use insulated window coverings. Keep energy from moving out of your home by using special curtains or films.

3)   Manage the activity of your door.  In a busy household, doors can be left open on chilly days, which affects the home’s heat retention. So, encourage your family members to be more attentive in their actions.

Also keep in mind that professional services may be needed to reduce energy loss in your structure. For example, leaky ducts need to be professionally sealed. Why must it be professionally sealed? Your ducts add significantly to your heating bill, and professional sealing could impact your heating costs by at least 20 percent.

Increasing the R-value of your attic insulation can also make a big difference in your heat retention. You may want to consult with a professional, that way you don’t add too much insulation. It’s also crucial to consider professional assistance, if your attic is the main source of your HVAC equipment. Proper space must be maintained for airflow in desired areas.