How Can I Prevent Animals From Getting Into My Air Duct?


When owning a house, most people do not think of everything they need to do to keep things in order and going smooth. This is a serious problem for some residents who end up with a rodent problem on their hands. Now, it is easy to take a few simple steps such as removing the trash and using traps, but some homeowners want to take it further and prevent them from getting into the cooling and heating ducts. With this in mind, here are three ways to prevent animals from getting into an air duct.

Put Things Around Your Air Duct Entrance

In some cases, a cat or other small animal will work his or her way into the air duct. This is problematic, as a homeowner will have to coax the animal out on his or her own. Of course, if it’s a rodent, residents will have to work harder to remove the animal. One way to prevent this is to block the air ducts. Of course, one cannot block them fully. But, when placing furniture and other items in the vicinity, one can avoid seeing their cat sneak into the air duct and creating dirty conditions.

Inspect Entry Points

In many cases, a rat or other rodent will slip into the house undetected. In fact, this is more common than many realize as most homes have easy access points that a small rodent can slide into with ease. To prevent this problem, a homeowner should check their roof and wall vents for small gaps. While they will probably be too big for a cat, they are often just the right size to allow a rat or other small animal to sneak in without notice. You should take this further and inspect other common entry points around the house. With this investment in time, one will have a good chance of avoiding problems in the first place.


Now, if a homeowner allows an issue to get out of hand, he or she will have to remove some rodents. To do this, the residents should set traps or hire a professional to do this task. Either way, when getting rid of current mice and rats, one will not see them reproduce and cause more problems in the future.

A wise homeowner should have a proactive approach against mice and other disgusting rodents. When taking these steps, one can avoid the most serious and costly issues.