How Do I Know Which Air Filter is best for My HVAC System?

an image of a air filter

Choosing the proper filter for your HVAC unit is a simple process after you have figured out what sort of filter your unit accepts. Begin by checking your unit and continue by purchasing the filter that best suits the environment you need to have inside your home. You have a few choices when getting filters for your HVAC system, and those options present themselves after a bit of research.

Finding The Proper Model of Filter

Your HVAC unit is designed with specific sizes of filters in mind. While these filters come in many sizes, the size that is needed for unit is noted in your user manual and on the unit itself. All you need to do is check the unit to ensure you are looking for the filter with the proper dimensions.

Choosing a Filter That Suits Your Home

Many families have a need for a filter that does more than trap dirt and dust. While a standard filter will do the job well for most people, the standard filter will not trap certain items or aid in maintaining humidity.

There are filters that are designed to trap certain dust and spores to keep the home more sanitized for the family member who has a respiratory disorder. There are other filters that are specifically-designed to trap humidity so that the home does not feel too moist during the rainy season.

Choose Filters You Can Save Money With

When you are choosing the proper filter for your home, you want to be able to choose a filter that is going to save you money. Purchasing your filters in bulk is an easy way to save money and have them in the house whenever they need replacing. You should never go without a clean filter in your system.

Purchasing the right filters for your HVAC system allows you to keep the air in your home at the humidity and clarity that you and your family need. While certain filters serve certain purposes, you can purchase filters in bulk to ensure you always have what you need to keep your home feeling and smelling fresh.