Top 5 Energy Efficient Hvac Appliances for 2014

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For those located in Largo, Florida who are looking for help with HVAC systems, these new appliances will address your needs. HVAC devices combine the technology of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning into useful devices that are more energy efficient than traditional appliances.

In 2014, manufacturers of HVAC technology have started integrating eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable principles into their products. The following list features examples of the top five energy efficient HVAC appliances for the New Year.

5. Carrier BMW Performance Series

The BMW Performance Series is Carrier’s newest line of Energy Star boilers. This series is constructed of sustainable stainless steel, and features a vertically oriented stainless steel heat exchanger. The exchanger runs extremely efficiently, thanks to its 5 to 1 turndown ratio.

4. Broan FS4BI Series

Headquartered in Hartford, Wisconsin, Broan is America’s largest manufacturer of ventilation products. In recent years, the corporation has incorporated Energy Star technology in their HVAC units.

The FS4BI Series of air conditioners is an excellent example of this commitment to eco-friendly product design. The key to the FS4BI air conditioning unit is that it has a cooling capacity that is 18% larger than conventional AC units. This enhanced cooling capacity allows for quicker, more efficient cooling.

3. Bryant 280ANV Evolution Series

The Bryant 280ANV Evolution Extreme Series has Evolution and Connex Control. These unique heating technologies allow this HVAC unit to deliver warm, comfortable heating at variable seeds. This variation prevents The Evolution from ever overheating, cutting down on heating costs.

2. Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Founded in 1895, Lennox has produced HVAC devices for Largo citizens for decades now. The Dave Lennox Signature Collection contains a number of the most efficient HVAC appliances currently on the market.

For example, Lennox’s SunSource Home Energy System allows for solar panels to be added to the air condition unit, which enables HVAC cooling that is derived from solar power. This use of solar power to cool homes is a revolutionary air conditioning strategy.

Additionally, Dave Lennox developed an ozone-free indoor air quality system that diminishes the ozone-related pollution that is pumped into Largo homes. Dave Lennox HVAC devices, then, not only provide cleaner air, but they do so in an energy efficient manner.

1. Amana ASXC 18

What makes the Amana ASXC 18 so special is that the appliance has an extremely quiet cooling fan and SmartCoil Condensing Coils that offer Energy Star air conditioning for the home. Additional energy efficient features in this Amana HVAC unit include: high-and-low pressure switches, a high-density foam compressor sound blanket, and eco-friendly chlorine-free refrigerant.