Why is My Home Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

a photo of an air conditioner

As we approach the summer months here in Florida, it’s essential to have a functioning air conditioner. As much as the tourists and even some of us love our balmy climate here in the St. Pete area, that tropical climate can quickly become unbearable during the hot summer months.

Even though your system seems to be running just fine, you’re probably noticing that it still isn’t doing it’s job to cool your home. When this happens, there can be several reasons as to why this may be. We’ve listed the possible culprits here and a couple of quick fixes.


The ductwork is the part of your cooling system that is responsible for delivering cool air around your home. It’s a vital part of the system, so any crack or bends can stop the system from producing cool air. The best way to fix this problem is by contacting a professional to come out and seal the ductwork for you.


When you’ve set the thermostat to your desired temperature, but still aren’t cooling off, then you might want to check some of the other settings. A common mistake is setting the thermostat to “auto” rather then “on”. The “auto” setting turns the air conditioning on and off depending on the temperature in the room. However, it is only reading the temperature for one of the rooms, so if the living room is cooler then your bed room, it will shut off before finishing cooling down the rest of the house. Turn to “on” to get a continuous stream of cold air.


As times goes on, you may notice that your AC is leaking small amounts of liquid. This is called refrigerant and needs to be changed on a regular basis. If not, then your AC might start to leak too much refrigerant and no longer be efficient. The best way to avoid this is by having your AC serviced annually.

When your AC isn’t keeping you comfortable, it’s best to contact a professional who can diagnose and repair the problem properly. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Largo, our technicians are trained to fix your problem fast and save you money!