How Does The Insulation in Your Attic Affect Your AC?

an image of attic insulation

The attic is the one part of the house that no one wants to go. Its dark, usual too hot, and all over creepy. However, ignoring the attic could be costing you money. Insulating the attic is a great way to make sure your home is always a comfortable temperature and cut down on the energy bill. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to stay warm and cozy during the winter, or keep your house cool during those summer swelters, a properly insulated attic is vital to keeping your home at your desired temperature.

It can be hard trying to stay warm during those hot Florida months, and your AC loves nothing more then to escape through your roof. Read below to find out more about insulating your attic, and how it can help.

Air Seal the Ceiling First

When you add insulation to your attic, you are slowing down the transfer of hot or cold air from one side of the insulation layer to the other side. While insulation might be good at keeping in your hot or cold air, it’s not great at keeping out air currents. Wind can push through the insulation, so before you consider insulating your attic, make sure to air seal the holes in the ceiling.

Provide Attic Ventilation

Just like you, your attic needs to breath. If not, it can become dangerously hot during those long summer months. What happens on those sunny days is rays of warm sun make their way through your roof, into the attic. With no place to go, the rays start to warm up your attic and eventual start making their way down to the rest of your home. This is why providing an adequate amount of ventilation in your home will keep you feeling comfortable during the brutally hot Florida summer months!

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