How to Balance Saving Energy and Your Pet’s Comfort


Pet owners often end up spending a significant amount of money on their veterinary bills, pet food, and doing everything possible to keep them comfortable. People who own pets are often unaware of how much of their hard-earned dollars go toward ensuring their pet is never left in the dark or lonely by leaving the TV on.

Now that the summer months are upon us, people want to ensure that their pet stays cool while they are away or during the night. Owners leave their HVAC systems running on high, using up more energy and wasting money.

Here, we’ll look at some ways to balance saving energy and your pet’s comfort:

Turn the Thermostat Up

People waste energy when they leave for the day and their animal is left inside. To ensure their pet’s comfort, owners will leave the system cooling at full blast often. However, most animals do not require that level of cooling when left indoors.

Turn the Ceiling Fan Off

Heat can become a problem for cats and dogs during the hot summer months. Owners will often keep their ceiling fans on thinking this will help their pets remain cool. This is a waste of energy in that cats and dogs don’t have sweat glands. It would be far cheaper and more energy-efficient to make sure they have lots of cool water to drink and a shady spot outside.

Turn the TV Off

One of the main reasons why pet owners waste energy is the belief that their pets will become lonely during the day without the TV turned on. This is simply not true, as the majority of animals do not watch TV. Simply leaving your pet’s favorite toy out for them to play with is far more energy-efficient.

We all love our pets and want to keep them safe and happy. However, pet owners do not need to waste valuable energy and money, thinking some of these practices will benefit their pets. Instead, keep cool water and their favorite toy available and Fluffy or Fido will be perfectly content for the day.