Tips to Keep Your AC Running this Summer

AC Unit

Most of us don’t really think about our AC on a daily basis and tend to take for granted when it blasts to life every day. However, once your AC stops, it soon becomes all you can think about. When you mistreat your AC unit it will start to run less efficiently, and might even give out altogether. Being stuck in the hot Florida heat with no cool air is the last thing any of us want, so we’ve come up with some basic tips to help you stay cool and keep your air pumping all summer long.

Get a Check-Up

Just like you, your AC unit needs regular check-ups to make sure it continues working. The hot weather is demanding of your unit, so before you get ready to hit the beach this summer, call a professional to take a look at your AC system. They will make sure everything is running fine and fix anything that looks like it could be potentially problematic.

During your check-up, the AC professional will change your air filter, however, it is important to remember to regularly change these yourself, as a dirty filter will slow down the airflow.

Clean Up Your Yard

To help get ready for summer, make cleaning up around your AC unit part of your spring cleaning. To run most effectively, your unit needs lost of space around it to allow airflow. You should allow for two feet of clearance on all sides of your unit. So when your getting your lawn ready for summer, make sure to trim all trees, grass, or bushes surrounding the unit.

Keep it Cool

Natural sunlight is something many people enjoy in their homes. However, it is also heating up your house and making your AC work twice as hard. So while you should go ahead and enjoy the sunlight while you are in the room, make sure to close any drapes or curtains once you leave. This helps keep your home cool and helps out your AC unit.

Another way to keep your house cool is through landscaping. Not only do trees give added value and beauty for your property, they provide shade, helping keep your home's temperature down.

Pay particular attention to providing shade for windows facing south or west, as they get the most sunlight.

Reduce Indoor Humidity

If there is one thing that Floridians know how to deal with its humidity. While we might have learned to coup with the humidity, our AC unit hasn’t. Buying a dehumidifier helps your AC unit run more efficiently and makes your home feel cooler in general.

Follow these tips, and you’re guaranteed to have a functioning AC all summer long. For any unexpected problems, call One Hour Air and we’ll be happy to repair your system for you!