Decorate Your Home on A Dime

a couple decorating your house

Moving into a new place is always exciting, but how you decorate your new place is where the real fun kicks in. Of course, with great fun comes money. We know that decorating your home can be expensive, especially when you factor in the down payment you just put down on your house. So, here are some tips on how you can decorate your home on a tight budget.

Visit Secondhand Shops

Instead of blowing money at expensive home good stores, try shopping at consignment shops, thrift stores and rummage sales. Keep your eye out for furniture, vintage decorations or even different wall fixtures that could liven up a room in your home. The cool thing about secondhand shops is that you never know what kind of unique objects you’ll find, plus you will always be guaranteed a bargain.

Add a Splash of Paint

Color is a huge way to decorate a home, and it also happens to be one of the cheapest ways.  Experimenting with neutral shades and bright colors on your walls can be a fun method to figure out which mood you want each room to give off. Pick up a gallon or two of paint at a local store and turn painting a room into a low-cost fun activity.

Grab Your Sewing Machine

Instead of buying little things like tablecloths, curtain panels and bedding, why not save money and create your own? If you own a sewing machine, you can alter sheets you already own into linens like slipcovers, duvet covers, curtain panels, etc.  By doing this, you save so much money on what you would typically blow on desired fabric yardage.

Accessorize With Plants

Plants serve as the perfect decorative accessories for almost any room in your home. Potted plants are inexpensive and bring both peace and color to a room. Placing plants, especially flowers, around your room can bring some life to a room and are a great decoration for your kitchen.

Recycle Items You Already Own

Just because you are moving into a new place doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy everything brand new. Instead, try a different approach and take items you already have and think about how you can re-use them to serve as another home decoration. You can use an item you’d probably take for granted—like a patterned slipcover—and use it to add an accent to an old piece of furniture. Using your imagination to decorate household items you already have is a brilliant idea, especially since your imagination is priceless.