What is My Air Conditioner Trying to Tell Me?

hand on ear

Living in the sunshine state, it’s vital to have a working air conditioner. While almost everyone has an air conditioning system, people often forget to tune it up or perform routine maintenance. This is a costly mistake, because if your air conditioner breaks, there will be a drastic increase in your electric bills. Here are a few early signs that will help you save both your money and your air conditioner.


When walking around a neighborhood on a hot day, it’s easy to spot a loud air conditioner and hear old belts in its system. It’s important that you replace the belts in your AC unit, as they may snap from being used to the max. Belts can easily break your unit, so replace the belts to avoid both messing up your unit, and sitting in the heat for a long time.


Over time, an older air conditioner will rattle more while in use. It’s wise to monitor this rattling noise. If the noise quickly worsens, you should call a professional to take a look at the issue further. In most cases, it’s a simple fix of tightening a few screws and bolts—this can avoid long-term damage to your unit.


Often, with all the machinery at work, one will hear a clicking sound. Typically, a concern arises, when you hear a clicking noise in your unit and it doesn’t subside. When this happens, it is often the result of a thermostat turning off and on. Immediately, call a technician who can look further into this annoying and potentially costly problem.

It’s not a good idea to ignore any weird noises coming out of an air conditioner. Now that you know what to listen and watch for, you can avoid long-term issues with your expensive air conditioning unit.