DIY: Chore Chart

A photo of children doing chores

Getting your kids to do their chores is often like trying to get them to go to the doctor; it doesn’t always end pretty. However, adding a fun and creative incentive to kids’ chores can be a great way to ease the so-called “pain” of chores.

Chore charts also lets kids know what is expected of them while teaching them responsibility and respect for their home.

Chore Chart Basics

The chore chart will list or show the various chores expected of them, and also the days of the week they’re expected to be accomplished. Pictures of chores are ideal for younger children who are not able to read yet.

A Typical Chore Chart

To easily make your own chore chart at home, start with a large piece of poster board, construction paper or any other type of material you wish to use. Make sure that the lines of the chart are spaced far enough apart in order to write down all the necessary descriptions of the tasks. While putting your chart together, get the kids involved in order to make them feel like they are a part of this process as well.

The chart will state clearly every chore the child needs to perform and also presents in a graph format the list and days of the week. Pictures at the bottom of the chart are also a useful visual for both older and younger children.

Regular Upkeep

Having the children do chores around the house not only makes them more responsible, but also alleviates your stress. Asking or even yelling at your children to perform a certain task over and over can eventually strain the relationship between your child and you. By using a simple chore chart, your children will remember to do their chores, and they may even look forward to them.

Regular chores are part of the normal upkeep of a home. Chores need to be done in order to make the home clean and safe, while being presentable. Part of this upkeep of the home also involves regular maintenance of all your appliances, such as your air conditioner. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Largo, all of our clients are eligible for the Comfort Club, our regular AC maintenance program that will give you peace of mind.