DIY Freeze Pops to Beat The Summer Heat

A photo of freeze pops

Keeping cool in the hot summer months here in Florida is a necessity. We crank down our AC thermostats and turn on every available fan in the house. Besides looking to our electronic conveniences, we can also keep cool during the day with an icy treat. Before you reach for your wallet and run to the nearest ice cream truck, take a look at the following simple steps in order to make your own freeze pops:

Line Up Your Supplies

If you don’t have official freeze pop molds, you can easily use small paper or plastic cups and wooden craft sticks. Gather:

  • Pop molds or paper cups
  • Wooden sticks
  • Flavorings

Mix Up Your Treat

You can create your own flavor combinations by using various juices and yogurts. A few flavorful recipes include watermelon blueberry or mocha ice and chocolate raspberry. You’ll need about four cups of liquid to fill ten three-ounce molds or cups. Try different combinations of fruit and juice pureed in a blender. Don’t forget to sweeten your mixture by adding two to five tablespoons of sugar.

Freeze Until Thick

Place your pops in the freezer for one to two hours, but don’t let them completely freeze. Insert the sticks and continue to freeze until the concoction is completely frozen, about four to five hours more.

Let It Go

To release your frozen treat, dip each mold or cup briefly in hot water before extracting your treat. If you made them in paper cups, simply peel the paper away from the treat and enjoy!

There’s nothing quite like a frozen treat to cool you down quickly on a hot day. By making your own frozen pops, you are not only save money, but also controlling what’s going into your concoction, and can even sneak in some added vitamins and nutrients if you wish. Enjoy your frozen treats and keep your air conditioning running smoothly all summer long with the expert maintenance provided by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Largo!