Heat Pumps Vs Straight Cool Systems: Which is Right for Me?

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The winter months are quickly approaching and temperatures are dropping, meaning we Floridians will be breaking out those sweaters we get to wear a few days of the year. Although Florida doesn’t typically see harsh winter weather, if your home doesn’t have some type of heating element, you could be left shivering. When it comes to heat, there has been a long-winded debate between different heating methods—mainly heat pumps and straight cool systems. While both work to heat your home, you may be wondering which one is right for you.

What’s the Difference?

Although each is a method of heating, heat pumps differ from straight cool systems. Heat pumps provide a cooling cycle during the colder winter months and absorb heat from the outdoors and bring it inside. Straight cool systems on the other hand only include one cooling cycle but can include electric strip heating.

How Do I Choose One?

When choosing between a heat pump and a straight cooling system, it’s important to consider a few factors, such as:

  • The Climate: For those who live in a region where the temperature easily falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a heat pump alone may not be enough to keep the home warm. However, since Florida is usually pretty mild year-round, a heat pump should be enough to keep an average home structure cozy.
  • Your Comfort Level: Heat pumps and straight cool systems both work to heat your home, but do so in different ways. Because they function differently, whichever one you choose should be based around your personal comfort levels. It’s important to take this into consideration because you may find one heating method doesn’t leave your home feeling as comfortable as you want it. For example, furnaces are known for heating a home very quickly, but it’s also in their nature to leave cold spots.
  • How Energy Efficient You Want Your System to Be: Heat pumps are considered to be more energy efficient than straight cool systems. Because heat pumps remove the need for electric resistance heating, the overall amount of energy you consume is lessened. When making your decision, consider what efficiency rating is recommended for your home.
  • Consider the Fine Details: Before picking a system, it’s important to consider the fine details, like choosing the right sized system to fit in your home. You’ll also want to ask any additional questions regarding the installation and warranty.

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