How to Clean Your Condenser Unit

water hose

Cleaning your outside condenser unit is an easy way to keep your home comfortable and your electricity bill low. While it may sound complicated, cleaning your unit is an easy task that can be done in no time. All it takes is some basic AC know-how and a garden hose! Read below and find out how easy it is to clean your AC.

When Should You Clean?

The best time to clean your AC unit is in during the spring. The long summer months demand a lot from your unit and you want to make sure that it is in peak condition. However, you should clean your unit out whenever there’s an excessive amount of debris. After big storms, like hurricanes, you should always clean out your unit. Also, the fall months may leave your unit with excess debris. Check your outside unit regularly to see if there is anything that might block air flow.

Getting Started

Before you start cleaning your unit, you should do a little yard maintenance around your AC. There shouldn’t be large bushes or plants near your unit, as these can affect the airflow and will decrease your unit’s efficiency. Clear out all bushes and plants within 3 feet of your unit.

Cleaning Your Unit

To start, you will only need two things: A pair of gloves and a hose with good pressure.

1.   Turn off the electricity to your unit. You should always do this before beginning work on your air conditioner. There should be an outdoor disconnect box. If not, you can switch off the power using your home’s main breaker.

2.   Remove all debris. Give your unit a look over and see if there is any noticeable debris. Remove all the debris you can get to before cleaning.

3.   Use a hose. You can use a normal garden hose to wash down your unit. Just be sure the pressure is not too strong or it may damage the unit. If your unit is subject to a large amount of debris, you may want to purchase a foam-cleaning agent.

4.   Start with the inside. Open the top of your unit and clean the condenser coils with a hose. Work from the top of the coils to the bottom. Try to avoid soaking the fan motor.

5.   Clean the outside. Spray the entire outside of the unit with the hose, working from the top to the bottom.

6.   Turn the electricity back on. Once you have finished cleaning, don’t forget to turn the electricity back on. You don’t have to wait for the water to dry; you can turn on the electricity as soon as you’ve finished cleaning.

AC maintenance is a vital part of keeping your home comfortable and your electricity bill low. For more information on the importance of AC maintenance, check out our blog hereCall One Hour Air Largo today to schedule your next AC check-up. And remember, we’re always on time… or you don’t pay a dime!