5 Things Harming Your Air Conditioner


Many homeowners are harming their air conditioners without realizing it, but recognizing the things that harm the devices can help prevent future damage. Here is a list of five things that might be harming your AC:

1. Failing to Lubricate Mechanisms

The air conditioner in your home has moving parts that require lubrication to prevent wear and tear. But unless you are a professional air conditioning technician, you shouldn’t attempt to oil parts due to the dangers of electrical wires and moving parts present. If you hear grinding or screeching noises while an air conditioner is operating, then it requires immediate attention.

2. Adjusting the Thermostat

Adjusting the thermostat constantly on your home’s air conditioner makes it work harder and also wastes money. Choose a temperature that keeps your home comfortable year-round instead of frequently adjusting the setting. When there are hot spots inside a home, install ceiling fans or a centralized dehumidifier system.

3. Blocking an Air Conditioner’s Airflow

Closing vents or blocking the openings with furniture can harm an air conditioner’s mechanisms by preventing proper airflow. When the temperature outside your home increases, an air conditioner may overheat because air is not circulating around its components.

4. Forgetting to Change Air Filters

Changing an air conditioner’s filters frequently is one of the best things you can do to maintain the device. Filters are designed to capture debris to keep a home’s air clean, but also prevent grime from reaching its interior components. To increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, change the filter once a month.

5. Not Hiring a Certified Technician for Routine Maintenance

Because many air conditioners in homes in Florida are used throughout the year, it is essential to maintain the device. The best way to have your home’s air conditioner serviced is by calling a certified technician with an understanding of different makes and models of ACs.

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