5 Things That Would Be Impossible Without AC

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Have you thought of how life would be without air conditioning? For most people born in the last half-century, it might seem crazy to contemplate life without AC. Surviving a heatwave or a scorching steamy summer would be nearly impossible. Of all inventions, air conditioning is arguably one of the most significant engineering achievements of the twentieth century, without which some of the following things would be virtually impossible.

Climate Control

Climate control has totally changed how we design commercial buildings, homes, and the like. Cool brick buildings with high ceilings are now a thing of the past, just as breezeways, transoms, and sleeping porches are too. All of these were intended to keep occupants cool. Modern skyscrapers and low-slung tract housing don’t have the same aeration and heat-overcoming features like those used before air conditioning were invented. Without air conditioning, today would seem more unbearable than it used to.

Summer Jobs

Before air conditioning, the majority of industries traditionally slowed or stopped working during the summers as buildings would get hot and make work unbearable. Many American workers used to get month-long August vacations similar to those still given in Europe today. Governments tended to shut down during parts of the summer as well. Without air conditioning today, working in the summer months would still be impossible under the sweltering heat.

Industrial and Technological Advancement

The improvement of operative temperature regulation and refrigeration facilities has transformed virtually every facet of the industry. Without AC, some things like computer and chipset manufacturers, data storage centers, production, delivery, and storage of food, pharmaceutical, and chemical engineering would be virtually impossible.

Medical Field Advancements

Air conditioning paved the way for significant advances in medicine and human life expectancy. Air conditioning in hospitals worked with great effects in helping defeat malaria, decrease the number of child deaths, inhibit the multiplication of bacteria, and assisted in advancing developments in surgery. Without air conditioning, the medical field would still be struggling to cope with some of these pressing challenges.

Famous Summer Blockbusters

Theatres were among the first places where most people experienced artificially-cooled air. When the sweltering summer heat became almost intolerable, people often flocked to the movie houses to watch films. Theatre owners took advantage of the situation by releasing their best and most lavish productions in summer, finally leading to the present-day summer blockbusters. Without air conditioning, the very thought of summer blockbusters would be utopic.

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Without some of these things brought forth by the invention of air conditioning, life would seem somewhat impossible or to some extent, intolerable. Just as it would be unbearable living in a house without an air conditioner, so would it be to inhabit one with a damaged and non-functional AC. That’s why you need a reliable company to turn to whenever you’re in need of HVAC repairs in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you need a repair, replacement or maintenance, at One Hour Air Largo, we’re here to help. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment online.