8 Holiday Safety Tips

Safety First Image

The holiday season is a fun, festive time of year, but if we aren’t proactive about potential hazards, the celebrations can turn tragic in the blink of an eye. Everything from our mental health and the health and safety of our pets and children can impact the quality and outcome of the holidays. Be mindful of these eight-holiday safety tips to help ensure you make this season one of your best yet.

1. Reduce your stress level for a calm, enjoyable holiday. 

2. Keep your medications out of the sight and reach of children and pets to avoid accidental overdoses and an unexpected trip to the emergency room or veterinarian’s office. 

3. Retro metal Christmas tree lovers should never use lights on their tree because the heated metal is a huge fire hazard. 

4. Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything flammable.

5. Make sure your vehicle is current on its maintenance, including tire pressure and oil changes, before traveling to grandma’s house.

6. Find the escape route if you’re staying with friends or relatives in an unfamiliar house. 

7. Holiday plants, including poinsettia, holly, and even dried pine needles can cause serious health problems for your pets, including an upset stomach or even death. Be extra cautious with botany decor this season.

8. Extra people around the house, fireworks and the general holiday hubbub can upset your furry family members. Make sure your pets are given a quiet space for retreat.

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