How to Boost IAQ Before Your Holiday Party

a photo of friends at a holiday party

Shopping, cooking, baking and decorating are just a few areas you’ve focused on preparing your home for the holidays. But have you considered sprucing up your home’s indoor air quality? A clean and fresh indoor environment will not only help your home smell nice, it will also help guests and family breathe easier. Here are some easy ways to boost your home’s IAQ.

Scent Your Home Naturally

Candles and scented air fresheners may smell nice, but they often mask odors rather than addressing and eliminating them. In addition to — or instead of — using artificial home fragrance, try some natural alternatives. Make a potpourri of dried fruits and spices, use a simmer pot with peppermint, anise, clove, or cinnamon extracts or set out decorative jars filled with a mix of baking soda and fragrant essential oils.

Let in Fresh Air

One of the easiest ways to quickly freshen the air in your home is by opening the windows. Take care to do this well before your holiday party, especially if you live in an area with cold or freezing temperatures. Even in winter, allowing fresh air from outside to circulate through your home for a couple of hours can help get rid of odors and improve IAQ.

Clean Your Filters

Dirty filters create lingering odors and aggravate allergies and respiratory problems. Well before your guests arrive, change the filters in your furnace, air purifier, air conditioner and vacuum cleaner. If you have not changed your HVAC filters in quite a while, or notice that your air ducts are very dusty, consider having them professionally cleaned.

Check Your HVAC System

Your guests won’t have a good time if the house is too hot, too cold or overly humid. If you’re uncomfortable with the air temperature or IAQ in your home, chances are your guests will experience discomfort as well. Having your HVAC inspected is a good way to ensure that no problems crop up during your party.

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