Top 10 Holiday Displays for Your Front Yard

holiday display

Now that the holiday season is upon us, are you looking for some new holiday display ideas to dress up your front yard this year? No need to look any further as we have compiled a list of some great examples of creative holiday decorations from across the country.

1. Some people like to interweave specific themes into their holiday displays. Learn how to create a theme for your front yard with these creative holiday light designs for houses.

2. Feeling crafty? These holiday light balls will light up your yard with glowing orbs of holiday cheer.

3. There will be zero competition for your neighborhood “Best Holiday Decorations” award when you incorporate some of the decorating ideas contained here.

4. If you don’t have a lot of room for outside decorations, dress up your porch instead with these amazing display ideas.

5. Trees wrapped in holiday lights are always favorite yard displays. Learn the right way to wrap your own trees.

6. Find strength in numbers with these 50 outdoor decorating ideas.

7. This year, if you have the urge to fill your yard with as many decorations as you can find, check out these over-the-top holiday displays for some true inspiration.

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