Cooling Options for Your Old House


Older homes can be quaint, cozy, and beautiful, sometimes adorned with fun surprises like real hardwood floors under the old shag carpeting or intricate porcelain tiling in the master bathroom. Some surprises, however, like leaky air ducts and cracks and crevices near windows and doors are not so fun.

With warmer weather approaching, you’ll want to make sure your older house is ready to combat it. Here are a few ways to stay cool in your old home.

Close the Blinds

While we don’t want you living in a cave all summer, closing your blinds and shades while you aren’t at home or requiring an outdoor view will help to keep your house cool. To keep up with the sun, keep shades drawn on windows facing east in the morning and windows facing west in the late afternoon/evening. Also, keep in mind that during the summer, the hottest part of the day is usually between one and 3 p.m.

Open Windows Wisely

If you happen to catch a cool breeze, take advantage of it. Most older homes were built with windows on all four sides, allowing dwellers to let in a breeze blowing in any direction. If you have a two-story home, it may be helpful to keep a second-level window cracked so the hot air that rises up can escape. An attic window is even better.

In addition, windows, be wise about opening doors, too. It might be tempting to leave the door open for a minute as you let the dog outside or retrieve the mail, but a lot of cool air can escape from your home during that short time.

Seal Things Up

Many older homes have gaps, holes, and cracks near windows and doors that allow cool air to escape. Smaller problems may be solved with caulk, but bigger ones may call for heavier handiwork.

Keep Your Air Conditioner in Tune!

Even with these tricks, it’s nearly impossible to beat the Florida heat with central AC. If your older house doesn’t have central air conditioning, One Hour Air Largo can fix that.

If your home does have central air, consider yourself lucky! We recommend scheduling a visit from a professional technician to make sure everything is running smoothly before the heat hits hard. We’re here to keep you cool, so don’t wait; call One Hour Air Largo today! And remember, we’re always on time … or you don’t pay a dime!