How to Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

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Most of us like to think that our home’s air is relatively safe. After all, air pollution is something that happens outside the house, how could it be getting in? The truth is, if you are not looking after your AC, the air inside your home may be just as bad as the air outside. Allergens, smoke, mold and other pollutants can creep into your home if they are not properly filtered out.

If you’re trying to figure out how to boost your indoor air quality, just follow these simple tips and tricks for keeping your home’s air fresh and safe.

Replace Your Air Filters

Many homeowners forget about or just plain neglect their AC filters. What they don’t realize is dirty filters are one of the leading causes of poor indoor air quality. The air filter catches all the dirt, dust, and outdoor pollutants and prevents them from entering your home’s air. If you don’t change your filter, it cannot do its job, and your air quality will suffer.

For the cleanest air, change your air filters at least once a month.

Try a Houseplant

Houseplants not only add beauty and decor to your home, but they may also clean your air. Certain types of houseplants have been proven to remove dangerous toxins from the air, leaving your home fresh and healthy. Why not try adding a houseplant to each room to boost indoor air quality.

Install A UV Light in Your Air Handler

A UV light inside your air handler will do wonders for your home’s air and your family’s health. All types of mold, bacteria, and germs can start to grow on your air handler. In addition to having it cleaned at least once a year, a UV light can help to prevent pollutants from growing. Speak with your HVAC technicians about how a UV light can improve your home’s air quality.

Keep the Air Circulating

One of the best things you can do for your indoor air quality is to keep the air circulating. Opening a window or door can help with this. You may also want to try having a ceiling fan running in a central location of the house. Not only will this improve your air quality, but it will also stop your air from feeling stiff.

Clean Your Ducts

Nothing will make your air feel worse than dirty ducts! Over time, dirt, dust and other pollutants start to collect inside your home’s air ducts. You should have a professional come in at least once a year to clean out your air ducts.

Start Improving Your Indoor Air Quality Today!

There is no reason your family and friends should suffer from poor indoor air quality. If you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s indoor air quality, contact One Hour Air! Our experienced technicians have the skills you need to start improving your indoor air quality. So call One Hour Air today and start enjoying fresher, cleaner air!