Clean, Repair or Replace: Condenser Unit

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The condenser unit is an integral part of your air conditioning system. Not only does the unit condense incoming refrigerant, but the component helps deliver conditioned air throughout your home. Because the condenser unit is such an important component in your system, knowing when to clean, repair or replace the unit is key to keeping your home comfortable year-round!

When to Clean

If your condenser unit is in good shape, you can keep it running efficiently with a little routine maintenance. Cleaning the condenser is an easy task and can be completed in an hour or so. To clean the condenser, simply turn off the power to the condenser unit and vacuum any grass clippings, leaves and the like from the fins with a soft brush. You can also clear any weeds within 2 to 4 feet of the condenser. If any of the fins are bent, gently straighten them out using a dull knife. Next, remove the top grille and lift the fan from the unit and set it aside. Now is the time to remove any leaves that may have gotten into the unit and wipe down interior surfaces with a damp rag. Once the unit is clean, simply reinstall the fan.

When to Repair

While regularly cleaning the condenser unit of your air conditioning system is a great way to ensure it works for years to come, sometimes the component will run into minor issues. Luckily, many condenser unit issues can be resolved with a simple home repair. The following are some of the most common condenser issues and how you can easily repair them:

Debris – Debris can find its way into the condenser and cause the unit to malfunction. This can be easily remedied with simple cleaning and removal of the debris.

Refrigerant Leak – If your condenser unit is malfunctioning, it’s possible that there is a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks can occur near the condenser coils and cause a drop in cooling power. If you suspect this is the issue, call a professional to repair the problem today.

When to Replace

Air conditioning condensers can last for a number of years with a little routine maintenance, but it’s important to know when it’s time to stop cleaning and repairing and get a replacement. If you continually have issues with the condenser unit despite countless attempts to repair, then it’s probably time to replace the unit. Unfortunately, a faulty condenser unit can jeopardize your entire air conditioning system, so if the component is continually malfunctioning or causing your energy bills to increase drastically, call a professional to diagnose and assess the situation.

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