Are Air Fresheners Safe for my Air?

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Air fresheners have long been a quick and convenient way to make your home smell clean and fresh. But unfortunately, many air fresheners on the market today are anything but clean and fresh. In fact, common household air fresheners often contain harmful chemicals and seriously hinder the quality of the air inside of your home.

Why Are Air Fresheners Dangerous?

Air fresheners have been around for thousands of years in one form or another. While the incense was one of the most ancient forms and relied on smoke to mask odors, common air fresheners rely on chemicals. Chemicals in air fresheners have been linked to a variety of health ailments, including hormonal imbalances, respiratory illnesses, cancer, and more.

Unfortunately, most common household air fresheners contain at least one potentially dangerous chemical, such as:

  • Phthalates: Air fresheners get their pleasing scent from synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances typically contain phthalates, which have been linked to birth defects, obesity, autism, and more.
  • PEG-40: The Environmental Working Group considers this chemical moderately hazardous to human health.
  • Dichlorobenzene: This chemical is a known carcinogen that has been linked to lung damage, asthma, and more.
  • Formaldehyde: A colorless gas, formaldehyde is reactive with many substances and has been linked with nasal cancers and possibly leukemia.

How Can I Freshen the Air Naturally?

Although traditional air fresheners may be dangerous when used in your home, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo air fresheners altogether. There are lots of all-natural options on the market that you could purchase or you can make your own. Here are some of the safest options:

  • Soy & Beeswax Candles: Candles with a soy base or those made from beeswax are completely natural and considered safer than more traditional options. Due to a safer candle alternative, soy and beeswax candles are widely available.
  • Essential Oils: Essential oils are a great way to freshen the air in your home in a safe and healthy way. The oils are versatile and can help freshen your home in many ways. Try diffusing water and five to seven drops of lemon essential oil or add a few drops of your favorite scent to your laundry.

Learn More Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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