Should I Set My Thermostat to ‘on’ or ‘Auto’?

Lady setting her thermostat

With all of the different options, settings, buttons, switches and the like, thermostats can be downright confusing. You know you want to keep your home comfortable and for as inexpensive as possible, but you’re not sure which setting will get you there. Will simply leaving it on do the trick? Turning it off in the day? What about the automatic setting? We’ll help you navigate your thermostat here.

What’s the Difference Between “On” and “Auto”?

For many homeowners, the thermostat’s “On” and “Auto” settings are the most confusing. But understand how and when to use each setting can make your home comfortable and save you money on your energy bill in the process. The “On” setting is different from the “Auto” setting because it functions to run the furnace’s blower, whether you’re heating or cooling. The “Auto” setting on the other hand, runs the blow only when the air conditioner and furnace are capable of making the air cold or warm.

Advantages of Using the “On” Setting

Increased Comfort. Using the “On” setting will make your home more comfortable by circulating air more evenly throughout.

Reduce Allergies. Allergy sufferers will benefit from the “On” setting, which catches more airborne pollutants because it runs more often than other settings.

Less Dust. The “On” setting pulls airborne dust into the return air filter so your home will have less dust overall.

Advantage of Using the “Auto” Setting

Energy Savings. The “Auto” setting uses less energy

Long-Lasting Filters. The “Auto” setting is gentler on air filters than other settings, which ensure they will last longer.

…So Which Thermostat Setting Is Best?

When it comes down to which thermostat setting is best, there is no right or wrong answer because every homeowner will have a different comfort preference. Whatever you choose, at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Largo, we want you home to be comfortable year round, without resulting in high energy bills. If you’re not sure which thermostat setting is right for you, or if you’re looking to purchase a new thermostat, give us a call today to discuss your options or schedule an appointment online.