The Downsides of Reusable Air Filters

Replacing Air filter

Some homeowners opt for reusable or washable air filters to save money and a monthly trip to the hardware store. But are reusable filters really worth it? Most professional HVAC companies will tell you, “Eh, not really.” Here’s why:

Reusable Filters Don’t Last Forever

In theory, reusable filters are supposed to save you lots of money, as you only need to buy one. While they cost more upfront than disposable filters, you end up saving money because you don’t have keep replacing them. In some cases, this is true. A good, sturdy reusable filter that is well maintained should last you a couple of years. In reality, however, wear and tear along with caked-on dust will cause a reusable filter to lose some of its efficiency in a matter months. That means you may need to replace it sooner than you thought.

Most Disposable Filters are More Efficient

Air filters receive a rating, called a MERV rating, that is used to express their efficiency at trapping particles in the air. In almost every case, the disposable version of a particular type of air filter has a higher MERV rating than its reusable equivalent. MERV ratings range between 1 and 16 for disposable filters, however, most reusable filters only rank between 1 and 4. Typically, reusable filters are really only effective at trapping large particles, like dust, while disposable filters can catch smaller particles like pet dander, bacteria and smoke.

They’re Not as Clean as You Think They are

In order to get your reusable filter as clean as a brand new disposable filter, it takes an extremely thorough cleaning. The longer you go without washing a filter, the harder it’ll be to scrub off debris. Over time, some of that caked on grime might not be willing to let go. Additionally, each time you wash your filter, you must wait until it is completely dry before replacing it in your AC. A wet filter is mold and bacteria’s best friend, which is bad news for your indoor air quality.

Say Goodbye to Your Reusable Air Filter!

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