3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Air filter

We’ve all heard how important it is to change our air filters regularly (about once a month as a general guideline), but do you know why AC companies pound this mantra into your brain so relentlessly? There are a lot of reasons to keep the filter in your air conditioner clean, but here are three big ones every homeowner should consider:

1. It Keeps Your Energy Bills Low.

When too much dust, dirt and other debris pile up in your air filter, it restricts airflow through your AC. That means you air conditioner has to use more energy to deliver cool air throughout your home, which reduces your system’s overall energy efficiency. And the less efficient your AC runs, the higher your energy bills will be. So, to keep your airflow strong and your bank account full, be sure to replace those filters!

2. It Protects Your AC Equipment.

Many people think an air filter’s primary purpose is to protect their indoor air quality, but that’s only its secondary purpose. Above all else, you air filter is there to protect the equipment inside your air conditioner from potentially harmful particles in the air. When parts of your AC become clogged or coated with dirt, dust, pet dander, bacteria and other particles, serious damage can result. In fact, several significant AC issues can often be linked back to a dirty air filter, from your entire system freezing up in the middle of summer to a drain pan overflow that can lead to property damage. Changing your filter regularly keeps your equipment safe, prevents breakdowns and increases the overall lifespan of your air conditioner.

3. It Helps You Stay Cool!

A dirty filter won’t be able to keep your home as cool as a clean one will. It’s as simple as that. When your filter is clogged with debris, your AC’s cooling capacity will be reduced to a mere portion of what it should be. If you’ve noticed yourself setting the thermostat lower and lower to achieve the same temperature, it’s probably because your filter is too dirty and needs to be changed. Stop battling the thermostat and replace your filter for a simple comfort solution.

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