How to Minimize Pet Dander in Your Home


Those who have animals at home know the struggle. We vacuum incessantly, we lint roll our outfits before leaving the house (and avoid wearing black all together), and we’re disturbingly unsurprised by the clump of hair rolling across the living room floor like tumbleweed in an old Western movie.

We love our pets, of course, but we might love them a bit more if they didn’t seem to shed enough fur in one day to knit a sweater. While pet dander is inconvenient for most, those who have asthma or allergies have it even worse. With these few easy steps, you won’t have to sacrifice the love you share with your four-legged companion for ability to breathe freely in your home.

Close the Bedroom Door

We know it’s hard to resist a puppy snuggle sesh, but if your pet is in your bed at night, so is their fur. And unless you’re washing your sheets daily (which for the sake of the environment and your utility bills, we do not recommend), you’ll soon be sleeping on a layer of pet hair. So, keep the cuddling to other areas of your home.

Nix the Rugs and Carpeting

Pet dander gets caught and tangled in the fibers of carpeting, especially when it’s plush. If fur gets wedged deeply, a regular household vacuum may not be strong enough to pull it up. Tile and hardwood floors make cleaning up pet dander much easier. If you need to have rugs in your kitchen or bathroom, try a rubber or foam mat or something that is woven tightly with no space to catch debris.

Clean Well, Clean Often

With pets in your home, some aspects of your weekly cleaning routine may need to become daily. Vacuum, sweep, mop and dust as often as possible. Dust ceiling fans, wash linens, wipe down hard furniture and clean fabric furniture regularly. Pay particular attention to the areas your pet spends a lot of time in. If you have a bed for your pet, wash the cover weekly.

Clean and Maintain Your HVAC System

Keeping your ducts clean and your filters fresh is vital to having clean air in your home! Filters should be changed every month and your air ducts should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Without proper maintenance, dirt, dust, mold and, you guessed it—pet dander—can build up in your air conditioning system.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Largo, we offer several maintenance programs to keep your HVAC system clean and running efficiently. Visit our website for more information on our maintenance services or give us a call today to schedule an appointment with a professional technician!