5 Tricks to Instantly Make Your Home Cozier

two people cuddling

Florida’s fall has officially arrived, bringing a drop (if just slightly)  in temperature and tons of holiday festivities with it. If you’re hoping to host any holiday celebrations at your home this season, make sure your guests feel extra cozy and invited when they walk through your front door. Here are some quick and easy steps you can take to welcome them with warmth and give them an enjoyable stay.

1. Hang new photos or wall art and arrange the artwork in a fun and creative way on a focus wall of your choice.

2. Add some autumn throw blankets or pillows to your couches, chairs, and guest beds.

3. Drape some string lights to brighten and warm the mood after the sun goes down.

4. Bring in a little greenery by following this DIY tutorial to make your own glass terrarium.

5. Schedule a quick HVAC maintenance appointment with One Hour Air Largo to keep everyone feeling comfortable inside your home.

Don’t let your houseguests feel too warm or cold this holiday season. Our experienced HVAC professionals at One Hour Air Largo are prepared to make sure your service appointment is quick, easy, and reliable. Call us today or schedule your appointment online.