5 Ways to Naturally Eliminate Odors in Your Home

Grass blade with water droplet

Almost nothing is more embarrassing or awkward than walking into a home and immediately be welcomed with a bad, lingering odor. Smells hanging around in the air are mostly caused by bacteria, which often requires a warm, wet environment to grow. Instead of rushing to the store to buy chemical products to cover up your smells, however, try using safer, more natural ways to eliminate odors in your home.

1. One great natural odor eliminator for a variety of things in your home is baking soda.

2. If you’re a pet owner, try using vinegar to get rid of pet odors.

3. There are also many types of houseplants that tackle odor issues and bring in fresh scents to purify your indoor air.

4. Craft much? Nowadays DIY projects aren’t just fun and games but are actually often much better for your health, your home, and the environment. Learn about some DIY natural home air freshener projects.

5. Open your windows! One of the easiest ways to bring some new fresh air into your home costs you nothing and takes almost no time at all.

One of the easiest ways to keep your air free of odors and improve indoor air quality in the process is by scheduling routine HVAC maintenance. At One Hour Air Largo, our team of HVAC technicians can help ensure your air conditioner is helping (and not hurting) your air quality. Call us today or request an appointment online for your next maintenance service.