How to Keep the Peace During the Super Bowl

a photo of friends watching the super bowl

On Sunday, February 7th, the Denver Broncos of the AFC will meet the Carolina Panthers of the NFC in an historic 50th Super Bowl tournament played at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Dedicated football fans won’t want to miss a minute of this game.

If members of your Super Bowl party support different teams, how will you keep the peace during this exciting sports contest? Consider these helpful suggestions:

Keep It Friendly

Keep the vibe energetic and friendly. Let everyone know that the mood is light-hearted, supportive and enthusiastic! Not everyone is going to support the same team, but everyone can have a good time. Request that ardent fans remain considerate of the partisan views of others.

No one will leave with hurt feelings when everyone appreciates that, win or lose, the opinions of all guests matter and the goal of the game party remains sharing a fun experience together.

Provide Generous Refreshments

A great Super Bowl party includes the provision of suitable refreshments. Particularly if the game lasts for several hours, you may want to provide a generous quantity of tasty snacks and cooling beverages. Consider taking a poll of everyone’s favorite game day food, or get sandwiches catered. Having a potluck can also be a great idea. Serving a variety of delicious items will please your guests.

Share Air Conditioning

Make certain your air conditioning works well in advance of the game. As excitement rises during competitive events, hot tempers sometimes flare if the surrounding environment has grown uncomfortable.

A well-functioning residential cooling system will help all your guests remain “cool under the collar”. They’ll relax and enjoy the event in the right spirit when they feel refreshed and pleasingly cool.

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