What Every Homeowner Should Know About a Clogged AC Drain Pipe


Residents in Pinellas County and surrounding areas often rely on their home’s cooling system for many months each year because of the region’s warm climate. From time to time, some will notice that their air conditioner appears to be leaking, and this could result in water damage and even mold growth if it is not dealt with immediately.

Upon closer inspection, you may discover that the pan at the bottom of the system is full of water and may be overflowing. This is typically a telltale sign of a clog in the drain pipe. Here’s everything you need to know when you encounter a clog in your home’s AC drain pipe.

How a Clog Forms

The drain pipe carries moisture from outside that accumulates within the air conditioner. Typically, this water flows through the narrow pipe without issue, but the pipe can get clogged with algae, mold or even an excessive amount of dust accumulation. Because of the size and location of the pipe, it can be difficult to accurately pinpoint where the clog is located.

Removing the Clog

There are two main ways to remove a clog in a drain pipe. First, you can snake the matter up and out of the pipe using a snake device. In some cases, snaking allows you to pull the clog up, but it can also dislodge it so that it flows out the other end of the pipe. The other option is to force the clog through the pipe, which is typically completed using a special device that blows air into the pipe.

Call for Service

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Largo has been providing HVAC services to local residents for many years, and our experienced technicians can easily diagnose the exact cause of your leaking HVAC unit. While a clogged drain pipe is a common cause, there are also other factors that could be contributing to the problem. The technicians at One Hour Air Largo can remedy the situation and restore your system to peak operating performance. You can contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Largo today to request an appointment with our technicians.