3 Top Tips for Heating Your Niceville, Florida Home

Winters in Florida tend to be mild. For many homeowners, even mild temperatures are cool enough to justify turning on the heating system. If this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn the top tips for heating your Niceville, Florida, home efficiently.

Adjust the Thermostat Properly

Adjust the thermostat to the lowest temperature possible that still satisfies your indoor comfort preferences. The lower the temperature, the less the furnace will run, which reduces wear and tear and decreases heating expenses. If you’re heating the home with a heat pump, make sure to adjust the thermostat in small increments. In doing so, the heat strip is less likely to turn on. The heat strip uses more energy to run, so minimizing its use will improve your system’s overall energy efficiency.

If possible, use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature back 10 degrees during the nighttime. This lessens how often the furnace cycles on at night and reduces heating costs.

Keep the Fan Set to "Auto"

You have the option to set the furnace fan to "On" or "Auto." When set to "Auto," the fan runs only when the furnace tells it to. Once your home reaches your desired temperature, the fan shuts off. This increases energy efficiency. Do keep in mind, however, that it does lead to less heat distribution, which may result in hot and cold spots. It also means the air in the home isn’t being filtered as much as when the fan is set to "On." From an energy efficiency perspective, though, the best fan setting is "Auto."

Use Window Coverings

Place heavy curtains over all windows during the winter. Insulated coverings work well, too. By keeping windows covered on cloudy days and during the nighttime, less heat is likely to escape through them. This is crucial for saving money on energy expenses.

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