Throughout 2020, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has been educating our consumers on their HVAC systems while also giving tips and tricks in keeping comfortable in their homes, especially when so many of us spent more time inside this year.

As we look back on 2020, we’ve highlighted our Top 10 tips from the year.

Thermostats simply tell your system to either turn on or off based on the temperature you want to maintain. Your system will not work quicker due to a lower temperature setting. You can see the other HVAC Myths we busted in 2020 here.

In October, we celebrated Indoor Air Quality awareness month by offering a simple chart to consumers to use as a way to determine if they need to evaluate the quality of air they’re breathing in their home. You can check it out here!

When you sit near interior walls instead of exterior ones, it will help keep you warmer. Check out some other simple things you can do around your home to keep warm.

When your pets shed, it can lead to your air filters being matted and clogged with hair, skin cells, and other particles your pet produces. See more of our HVAC tips for pet owners here.

After your home has been closed up all winter, there could be some negative side effects on the quality of the air in your home. Including activities related to your HVAC system in your Spring Cleaning routine can help. Check out our list!

If you’re running your air conditioner with leaking ducts, it can account for about 30% of your AC’s energy use. Read more tips to save money during the summer months.

During September’s National Indoor Plant Week, we shared our top houseplants to help cleaned the air in your home. Check them out here!

When you use two doormats, one inside and one outside, your shoes can be more effectively wiped off before entering the home. You can read more of our tips to keep the outside from coming in here.

In the warmer months, have the light side against the window to reflect unwanted heat. Then, in winter, have the dark side facing out to absorb free heat from the sun. We have even more tips for window treatments here.

Running these appliances will add more heat in your home. Running them when it’s cooler outside will minimize the impact. Check out more tips to keep cool in your home here.

We hope our tips have helped consumers maintain the level of comfort in their home they deserve. If you need a professional’s help to keep comfortable in 2021, contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today.