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Cary Air Conditioning Service, Repair, and Replacement

Cary is a great place to live. We like to think Green Horizon One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® is one reason. That’s because we’re always on time, or you don’t pay a dime for Cary Air Conditioning Service, Repair, and Replacement. If we don’t show up within our promised window, your service is free, period. The only thing better is if we move you to the front of the line.


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Cary Air Conditioning Installation

Once we arrive, we’ll do a complete diagnostic of your Cary air conditioning system to find out what’s wrong and what’s about to go wrong. We’ll show you the options to perfectly repair and even improve your air conditioner. You choose what’s best for you and pay the price quoted you upfront. No surprises, only satisfaction, or we’ll make it right—guaranteed.

Any recommendations we make are covered by our Green Horizon One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® Whole House Promise to make your air conditioning more efficient, or you get your money back. The only thing better? Discounts Home Performance Family members receive.

When the time comes for Air Conditioning Replacement, trust Green Horizon One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. We spend a lot of time listening to what you want before we ever recommend a new air conditioner for your home. Then we present options and recommendations based on what you’ve told us. We’ll help you hit your budget and improve your home’s efficiency. Otherwise, we’ll replace it or give you your money back within one year.

We also specialize in geothermal system installation. It’s quite a bit more expensive than a traditional air conditioner, but the reduction in energy bills can offset the higher cost in the first few years and then put money in your pocket every year after that. Not to mention, it’s the most painless form of cooling and heating for our environment, which is really cool.

Cary Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our air conditioner optimizer mega tune-up is the best way to prevent breakdowns and save money every month. That’s because dirt and dust are the #1 killer of air conditioners. The cleaner they are, the smoother and easier they run. That means less energy use and more money staying in your bank account. You’ll save way more than the service cost in lower utility bills and extended system life.

Home performance family

Our Home Performance Family receives an air conditioning and heating optimizer every year plus discounts on repair, installation, upgrades and priority service when everyone else has to wait. The amount you save is always more than you pay to join the family.

FREE benefits for active and retired military

You’ve put yourself in the line of fire for us. The least we can do is maintain your air conditioner for you for FREE. We’ll visit your home once every year to make sure everything’s running in tip-top shape. You also get the same discounts we provide for our Home Performance Family members. We know what it means to be willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for your country. Let this be our way to say thank you.

Cary Mini Split Air Conditioners

We install Mini Split Air Conditioners when you need low-cost heating and air conditioning and don’t have ductwork. They can be placed anywhere and controlled by a simple remote which gives you absolute control over the room where they live. They’re also a great environmental option because they’re highly efficient.

Cary AC Optimizer: Our Mega AC Tune-Up

Our AC optimizer is not a typical AC tune-up. It is a supercharged process that involves 37 steps of deep cleaning, inspection, and calibration. Our technicians scrub plaque that can build up over time and cause your air conditioner to break down and run less efficiently. The optimizer extends the life of our air conditioner units by up to double the amount and practically eliminates breakdowns. In fact, we are so confident in this process that we guarantee no breakdowns in the life of the tune-up or your money back. The optimizer is only $128 and is free for members of the Top Gun Club.

Cary Geothermal Cooling Installation

Geothermal installation is the most efficient, environmentally friendly, the energy-saving choice for home cooling and heating on the planet. Not every HVAC company is qualified to do these installations, but our service team members are experts at this type of installation. If you live in the Cary area and are interested in geothermal cooling and heating, Cary Green Horizon One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® are your one-stop-shop for installation and maintenance.

Our team will walk you through every step of the process. We will come to your property, evaluate it, and give you information regarding building codes. Many individuals who install geothermal systems are eligible for a tax credit, and our team can also walk you through this process. The system itself is made of high-density polyethylene pipes that run underground. A water-based solution is transferred through these pipes to carry the coldness or warmth from the ground into the house. We work with Water Furnace International which is the most trusted manufacturer of geothermal heating and cooling equipment. Once the system is installed, we will always be available for inspections and repairs as needed.

Cary Smart Home Installations

We are proud to serve Cary residents by helping them to connect their air conditioning systems to a smart thermostat. We partner with Nest Smart Thermostats to help you have more control over your heating and cooling. These state of the art systems come with a thermostat, smoke alarm, and carbon monoxide alarm. A thermostat can be placed in multiple areas of the home and they have Split-Spectrum sensors that can tell you in which room the problem has been detected. Once placed in different rooms, the thermostat can control heat on a different schedule in each area giving you ultimate control over the temperature. The thermostats can be connected to smartphones, tablets, and your Alexa or Google Home devices.

Cary Air Conditioning Repair

Our number one commitment is that we will be on time, or you do not pay. This means if the technician is even one minute late, you will not have to pay a dime for the repair. One of our goals is to help our customers minimize repairs by teaching them how to properly maintain their systems. The Top Gun Club is one of the best ways to take care of your air conditioning unit and minimize repairs.

When a repair is needed, we come and do a comprehensive diagnostic of your unit. We then give you all of the options as well as the prices upfront without any pricing surprises. We only recommend services and repairs that you actually need, and you still have the freedom to make decisions with no pressure from us. Often a bad odor, a new noise, a lack of cold air, or a leak will indicate a repair. You can also contact us if your utility bills are too high or if the heat is not being evenly dispersed throughout your house. We are here to help your system to work as efficiently as it can.

Cary Air Conditioner Replacement

We will always do our best to help our customers to maintain their units to keep them running for as long as possible without expensive repairs or replacements, but the time may come for a complete replacement. Our process in Cary is very customer-centered and we remain in constant communication with you from start to finish. Our goal is not to find you the cheapest unit (which can cause more problems in the long run) but to help you find the absolute best option for your budget and needs. We always give free estimates and will schedule the replacement at the time that is convenient for you. During evaluation and installation, our team pays special attention to the size of the ductwork. The right size ductwork can save you up to 40% of energy.

We are here for all of your air conditioning needs. Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation.

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