The holidays and travel go hand-in-hand, and many of us will be packing up and setting out for time with friends and family. While it’s an exciting and hectic time of the year, it’s still important to keep your home and your HVAC system in mind, especially as the low temps begin to consistently dip below freezing. Don’t forget that when you leave town, your house remains behind, and business will continue as usual for your heating system. In addition to easing the workload of your heating unit and reducing the likelihood of repair or replacing your heating unit, having optimal thermostat settings will lower your energy costs and put money in your pocket. There’s no better time than the holidays to embrace an opportunity to save.

What are the best thermostat settings when I’m away and out of town?

Ask yourself two simple questions before you and your family depart:

  1. What is our home’s ideal temperature when we’re home?
  2. What is our home’s ideal temperature when it’s unoccupied?

It’s important to recognize and embrace the distinction between your family’s comfort requirements and your home’s temperature needs to determine what temperature to configure your thermostat settings at. Your heating system works hard to keep your home at a comfortable and satisfying temperature, resulting in wear and energy costs. However, when your home is unoccupied, there’s no longer a need for your heating system to maintain your family’s desired comfort zone.

First, the most important thing to consider is the best thermostat settings to maintain the temperature and the freezing threshold. This helps keep away the threat of condensation, while helping you save the maximum amount.

TIP #1: 50°F is the absolute lowest possible setting you should consider

This temperature provides a comfortable margin between your set temperature and the dangerous freezing point. It is also a safe range to prevent condensation in your home, which can occur if the temperature is set below 50°F. Condensation can cause damage to your furniture and appliances, so consider 50°F an absolute minimum.

TIP #2: Be safe and avoid the minimum. You should always have your thermostat settings ABOVE this threshold. We recommend five degrees above, at 55°F.

We’ve identified the optimal thermostat setting of 50°F. However, at one Hour Heating and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte, we’re committed to safety and prevention, and we urge homeowners to error on the side of caution. Adding five degrees not only increases the cushion between your home temperature and the freezing point, it eliminates entirely the threat of condensation.

Tailored to You and Your Home

Of course, you may set your thermostat settings even higher, but any setting above 55°F will only burn unnecessary energy and inflate the cost of heating your home when it’s unoccupied. If you believe there is a specific condition or reason why your home should not be left at this temperature, don’t hesitate to call or contact us to speak more about it. We’ll be happy to personally advise you on the specific requirements and unique needs of your living space. If your thermostat isn’t up to par, or it’s simply outdated, don’t forget to ask us about our wide range of programmable thermostats.

Thermostats: The Importance of Options

Thermostats have progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years, but the most important feature of a thermostat is a user-friendly interface. An accessible, fully programmable thermostat gives you the convenience and reliability of complete control over your home’s comfort level so you can find the best thermostat settings for you.

However, there are some convenient and advanced options available:

  • Touch Screen Thermostats: Touch screen thermostats provide the options and reliability of programmable thermostats in a sleek, user-friendly design.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats: An exciting and convenient option, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to monitor the thermostat settings and temperature of your home from your mobile device when you’re away from home. This is a particularly convenient safety measure during long trips, keeping you in the loop should the temperature in your home begin to drop or rise unexpectedly for any reason.

For complete information on your options for thermostats in Charlotte, be sure to contact us. If you’re already a member of our exclusive Comfort Club, then you know our biannual maintenance includes an inspection of your thermostat. Feel free to ask our friendly technicians about the amazing and affordable thermostat options available to you in Charlotte and the surrounding area. If you’re not already a member, ask us about the amazing value of membership in this beneficial maintenance plan.

You can also call us anytime to ask about what else we can do to help ensure your holidays are spent worry-free from any heating or thermostat problems. Call us at (704) 703-4220 or contact us online today!