Have you been told that your HVAC system needs to be replaced? Has a HVAC repair technician told you that your HVAC system requires extensive repairs? Either way, you may be looking at the prospect of shelling out hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your HVAC system this spring. If this is the case, before you spend a great deal of money on HVAC repairs or replacement services, you should seek a second opinion from a Charlotte HVAC repair service.

Far too often, we don’t even have a clear idea of the reasons for these repairs or why our HVAC needs to be replaced. Many repair services provide explanations in such technical terms that you need to be a certified HVAC repair person to understand them. When you seek a second opinion on your repair estimate from a Charlotte HVAC repair service, you will receive a new estimate completely in terms that you can understand.

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Of course, a properly functioning HVAC system is not a luxury in a city like Charlotte — it’s a necessity. As summer draws near and the weather gets hotter and more humid, you are going to need your HVAC system to be in peak working condition, not merely for your family’s comfort but for the sake of their health as well. A properly functioning HVAC system not only keeps a home cool and comfortable, it can help to purify the air in your home, keeping out the humidity and allergens that have been known to cause so many health and breathing problems.

Because your HVAC unit is so vitally important to the health and happiness of your family, when a technician tells you that they have to perform extensive repairs, you will tend to believe that there are no other options. But the truth is that many repair services will always recommend replacement when there are actually several less expensive options. This is why seeking a second opinion on your HVAC repair services is so important.


When you seek a second opinion from a Charlotte HVAC repair service, you will benefit in a variety of ways:

  • First our expert technicians will perform an extensive inspection of your HVAC system. In many cases, we find that the work your repair service wants to do will not even solve your problem.
  • We will give you the real facts about the status of your HVAC system, including our no hype solution to your system’s problem. Our technicians are trained to deliver this information in layman’s terms because you deserve to understand what you are paying for.
  • Our Charlotte HVAC repair experts 2nd opinion services are risk free. Our technician will perform a detailed inspection, assess your HVAC system’s problem and provide you with a new estimate at no cost to you.
  • Most importantly of all, HVAC repair Charlotte will provide you with up-front information about the repair and replacement of your unit. This means that there will be no surprises later on that add to your repair bill.


Whenever a HVAC repair company tells you that your HVAC system requires more than $500 in repairs, and especially if they tell you that you need a complete system replacement, it is a great idea to seek a second opinion. Sometimes our assessment will match the initial estimate. However, in many cases, HVAC repair Charlotte’s 2nd opinion service can offer you a significant savings. The bottom line is that you should not be expected to pay for unnecessary repairs.


If it turns out that you actually do need to replace your HVAC system, we will review your situation and make a recommendation based both on your needs and budget. A Charlotte HVAC repair technician will base their recommendation on a short list of considerations and never on what they want to sell you, including:

  • The present condition of your current HVAC unit.
  • The energy efficiency needs of your home.
  • The specific area that you want to keep cool.
  • The age and condition of your home.
  • How long you plan to live in your current home.

Have you received a quote recently on a system replacement? You may be able to walk away with a new system for cheaper than your quote, but you won’t know until you get a second opinion. Contact us today at (704) 703-4220 to have one of our Charlotte HVAC repair experts come out and discuss options for your HVAC system!