What to do with your HVAC and plumbing systems when the cold and warm weather are battling each other?

This year, Charlotte weather has been in flux on a daily basis. One day we are enjoying summer-like weather and the next day we are searching for our hat, gloves and scarf. We know these temperature swings take a toll on us, but did you know that it also can negatively impact your system, and therefore your heating and air in Charlotte, NC?

Top Three Heating and Air Conditioning Tips:

  1. Make sure your air handler or furnace is checked routinely.
    1. This primary piece of equipment needs to be maintained regularly. These units force air into the house and are used anytime your heating or air conditioning system is turned on. If the air handler or furnace breaks, you’re going to lose both heating and air conditioning.
  2. Get your HVAC units serviced twice a year.
    1. It’s crucial to keep to a bi-annual schedule when it comes to tuning up and servicing your HVAC unit to make sure you always have heating and air in Charlotte, NC. It will increase the lifespan of your units, ensure that they’re running properly and efficiently as well.
  3. Keep it clean!
    1. Make sure that you keep your units clean. Dirt is the #1 enemy. This will not only help your system run more efficiently, but it will also save you money – it’s a win-win!

By turning our heating and air in Charlotte, NC on and off, we are putting additional stress on the units. That’s why it’s important for not only your safety, comfort and the health of your systems, but also for your wallets that you follow our advice.

Plumbing Tips:

It is just as important to maintain your plumbing system based on the weather.  When the weather dips down into freezing temperatures, the water expands and can work back into the hose bib, leading to broken pipes. An expensive repair for any homeowner.

Our sister company, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, provides customers with a thorough checklist for homeowners to prepare their homes for all types of weather, in order to avoid an expensive repair.

If you have any issues with your heating or air conditioning systems during this time of unprecedented weather, or would like to receive additional information on our maintenance program, please give us a call at (704) 703-4220!

For plumbing questions, you can call our friends at Ben Franklin Plumbing: (704) 703-4220