Central heating and cooling are now essential parts of our homes but even small, difficult to spot cracks in the duct work can add up to huge losses in efficiency for a home. As a result, this escaping air causes a significant increase in the cost to heat and cool the home. Duct work that runs through difficult to reach spaces such as ceilings, attics and walls makes locating and plugging those holes nearly impossible, that is without the use of aerosol duct cleaning technology. For those in Charlotte, duct cleaning and sealing has never been easier using the specialized Charlotte Aeroseal duct cleaning and sealing technology.

The basic technology is quite simple and ingenious. After the vents are sealed with only small outlets to maintain pressure, the Aeroseal machine is connected to the duct work with inflatable tubing and air is forced into the duct work. With this pressure established, a few ounces of a non-toxic binding polymer are introduced into the air. At first, this polymer binds to the edges of the ducting around any leaks but as it begins to collect, it begins to adhere to itself and cover the leak. The process is computer controlled and the end result comes complete with a computer analysis of the sealant success and efficiency gained.

The savings of sealing ducts, even with primitive methods such as tape, are clear. Leaky ducts, even those with small imperfections, can reduce the efficiency of the system dramatically and the typical home sees an efficiency reduction 30-40%, according to tests. This translates to higher cost, greater environmental impact and less control of home temperatures. But it is far from easy to find and plug many small holes through a distributed system. Now with the use of Aeroseal, the benefits of such an efficient and effective system over even traditional sealing methods are numerous.



    Aeroseal allows the technicians to pinpoint leaks too small to catch on a manual inspection. When air is escaping through a dozen barely visible crevices at hard to reach junctures of your system, traditional methods are incapable of plugging the holes effectively. By using aerosol based Aeroseal from Charlotte duct cleaning, these areas, no matter how invisible or inaccessible, will be targeted by the polymer without the need for a technician to access difficult to reach parts of the home. The computer control of the Aeroseal machine will measure the efficiency improvements from sealing the many minor leaks and show the improvements from such precision sealing.


    Aeroseal can render your ducting system air tight in a single, easy treatment and improve the overall efficiency of your home heating and cooling solution beyond what would be possible otherwise. The cost of the Aeroseal duct sealing treatment will pay for itself in energy efficiency, saving you money each month on your utility bills. In addition, such a precise sealing of the duct system will ensure that the home is heated evenly without much of the forced air leaking out before it has reached the end of its circulation through the house.


    Precision duct sealing will improve the quality of the air circulating through your home. As a matter of health and safety, this can be more important than even the cost savings enjoyed by sealing system leaks. The aerosol propelled polymers themselves are nontoxic and will not leave the duct system, since they will adhere to the cracks and to themselves. The improvement in air quality instead results from preventing fibers from insulation, mold, dust, mildew and gases from furnaces and water heaters from leaking through duct work and into the home.

Aeroseal seals, safely and efficiently, leaks in a system that would otherwise cause your home to heat or cool irregularly and lose valuable energy. Forget crawling into difficult to reach spaces with duct tape and guessing at which corners may have a tiny gap. Gone are the days of clumsy guesswork. In Charlotte, Aeroseal ducting cleaning and sealing is both fast, precise and safe.

If you have any questions about Charlotte Aeroseal duct cleaning, how the technology works, or how it can help you save more money on a monthly basis, give our team a call at (704) 703-4220.