If you have an old thermostat, you could be wasting a great deal of money each month without even realizing it. The reason is that you really don’t have any way of controlling your heating and cooling system while you’re away from home. Programmable ThermostatsA programmable thermostat, however, will provide that control so that you’re not using your furnace or air conditioner when you don’t need it. A technician with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte can install your new digital programmable thermostat in Charlotte quickly so that you can immediately start enjoying the benefits.


We can provide you with a sophisticated new thermostat that will provide your home or office with complete climate control. A programmable thermostat will provide you with user-friendly options that will be easy for you to master. We even have a Talking Thermostat that will help you quickly adjust the temperature of your climate control system at different times of the day. During the summer, for instance, you can increase the temperature a few degrees so that you’re not wasting your air conditioner whilst maintaining a comfortable level of air quality in your home. Conversely, you can lower the temperature a bit in the wintertime so your heater doesn’t have to work so hard.


It’s important that you put your digital thermostat in a spot located away from your heating or cooling vents. That way, your new device will be able to make a true reading of the temperature for more efficient heating and cooling regulation. Your system won’t “short cycle” as often, meaning it won’t turn on and off as much as it is probably doing now. That will increase its lifespan and reduce the need for costly repairs.


A programmable thermostat could have up to 10 different wires that need to be installed, so you’ll be better off calling an expert rather than trying this type of job by yourself. We know every make and model of advanced thermostat, so you can rest assured we’ll have your device installed correctly the first time.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your old thermostat replaced with a digital thermostat, call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte at (704) 703-4220 or contact us online.