Is it Spring or is it still Winter? It’s hard to tell with the weather shifts we often see during winter in the Charlotte, NC area. Whether it’s warm or cold outside we depend on our heating and air conditioning system to keep us comfortable inside. We might be enjoying this warm winter weather, but our heating and air conditioning systems may have a harder time with it. Regular HVAC service in Charlotte, NC can help ensure that your heating and air system doesn’t fail you when you need it most.


Short run cycles and switching back and forth from heat to AC can be hard on some of the critical components of your heat and air system. This is what’s happening with the temperature shifts like we are experiencing this winter here in the Charlotte, NC area. Heat pumps can do a good job pulling heat from the outside air to warm the air inside your house. When the temperature outside drops quickly though, your heat pump may have to engage it’s “defrost cycle” to keep the frigid air from frosting the outside coil. The unit is essentially reversing back into AC mode to do this, counting on a heat strip to keep warm air flowing inside your house.


This is great technology and works well – as long as you regularly have HVAC service in Charlotte NC and your system has been maintained properly. For example, if you haven’t had regular maintenance, dust can build up on the heat strip. In this case you may smell the dust getting burned off of the heat strip. That’s not critical, but it’s a clue that your system could benefit from a HVAC service.


Gas furnaces can also fall victim to dust and grime buildup. If it’s not running regularly the burner assembly can develop a buildup of grime that can significantly affect performance. In extreme cases cause the system to not work at all.

A mild winter like this is a good time to check on all aspects of your furnace and air conditioner. Replace the air filter to keep all vents and ducts dust-free. A clean air filter helps your unit heat your house more efficiently, and also keep your indoor air cleaner. Check around the pilot light and burners for any signs of corrosion or decay. Listen for any odd sounds as you run the unit. It’s best to check your system regularly to avoid any potential issues before they become critical. Reset the thermostat and check that it’s functioning correctly. Check that each room is receiving hot air, that the vents haven’t been covered, and that the temperature is what it should be.


Check your system before you think you need it! If you notice any irregular sounds or question if it is heating properly, having a qualified technician with a trusted company like One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte perform your HVAC service in Charlotte, NC is your best choice to ensure your family is comfortable and safe.

If your heating or air conditioning needs attention, or you would like to have additional information on keeping your system in optimum condition, contact us today.