Our homes are dirtier than ever before. Dust, microbes, and airborne particles from cars, people, animals, and a million other sources are constantly battling to get into your home. That’s why we think it’s time you consider buying an air purifier.

This is a purchase that doesn’t cost much and can improve your quality of life immensely. However, many people don’t understand the truth about air purifiers.

Don’t worry; that’s where we come in! We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know in order to determine if you need an air purifier for your own home.


Before we discuss some of the important things you should know about air purifiers, it’s important to dive into the truth about air purifiers. This is because there are a lot of myths about these devices that don’t have much truth to them.

One myth, for instance, is that they will magically make the air smell nice. However, most air filters are simply designed to make the air cleaner: if you want it to also smell nice, either grab some air freshener or get a purifier that has an activated carbon filter capable of removing odors from the air.

Another myth is that air purifiers will do all the work of keeping the air in your home clean. While it’s true that these purifiers will do an amazing job of removing volatile organic compounds, you will still need to do your usual dusting and cleaning because a purifier cannot lift dust up. Simply put, it is not a vacuum, and buying a purifier is not an easy ticket to get out of doing the usual array of household chores.

A final myth is that your air purifier must have a sensor on it. We are a very data-driven culture, and consumers really like being able to see a number for their air pollution level dwindling down. However, those sensors can typically only measure a fraction of the air: the true proof of an effective air purifier is that, overtime, you feel better, sleep better, and have fewer struggles with allergies.

Now that we have busted these particular myths, it’s important to dive into five things that you should know about air purifiers.


Many people are curious how an air purifier works. Or, to put it more bluntly, they are wondering why the air in their home would even need to be purified.

A simple way of understanding this is to think about carbon dioxide. We breathe in oxygen that we need and breathe out carbon dioxide that is harmful to us and beneficial for trees. However, inside your house, that dioxide has no way of getting out.

So, harmful carbon dioxide and others contaminants (dirt, smoke, and so on) linger in your home, causing various health issues. Air purifiers can help remove all of this and make your home healthier than ever.


Using the example above, some may scoff and say there are other ways of keeping the air inside their home clean. Is an air purifier really the only way to do it?

The answer: it’s not the only way, but it is the most practical way. Someone could always leave the windows of their home open at all hours of day or night, but that creates problems with air temperature, insects, and even home security.

An air purifier lets you have the advantage of clean air without any of those inconveniences.


So far, we’ve described benefits of air purifiers that are pretty straightforward. The air in your home is not clean, and the purifier will make it clean. However, there are some pretty surprising benefits to making this purchase.

As an example, an air purifier with a HEPA filter can help to prevent and even eliminate mold in your home, which offers long-term health benefits. And purifiers can also prevent and remove dust mites, which are a major source of everything from allergies to sinus disease.

Finally, these purifiers can remove pet dander that gets caught in the vents of your home. Such dander can linger for years, affecting you without your knowing it!


Most people view their home as a sanctuary away from places like the city. The city, after all, is home to countless pollutants and chemicals. Unfortunately, your home may not be much different!

As we talked about earlier, your home is a closed environment. As nasty as you may think the city is in terms of pollutants, many of them are dispersed throughout the air. Inside your home, though, everything gets caught and has nowhere to go.

Bottom line? If you really want your home to be a clean sanctuary from city life, then you need to purify the air inside it.


When discussing the truth about air purifiers, there is another important consideration: there are many different kinds. Because of this, it’s important to know what you really want before making your purchase.

As we discussed earlier, certain purifiers can help remove odors while others cannot. If this is important to you, then purchase accordingly! Others are more uniquely suited to removing bacteria and mold than the competition, which may sway your purchasing decision.

Finally, there are the physical details. Purifiers come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. It’s good to find something that goes with your home aesthetic, as you will be enjoying these benefits for a very long time!


Now you know what the truth about air purifiers is. We’ve busted the myths and dropped some knowledge, but the big question is: where do you go from here?

Buying an air purifier is a great first step towards making sure your home is safer and healthier than ever before. But it’s just a first step, and it’s important to have others who can help you take the next step.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte, air quality is our specialty. We’re here to make sure it’s as cool as you need in the summer and as warm as you want in the winter. Whether you need help purifying the air or fixing the A/C, we’re here to give you a hand!