Installing a new HVAC system is very stressful for homeowners. If it’s done right, your house will be more comfortable than ever. If it’s done wrong, you’ll be paying for it (quite literally) every single year.

Don’t worry, though: we’ve prepared a solid guide to what every homeowner should know about HVAC installation!


This guide is here to prepare you with important things to know about HVAC installation. The good news is that you’ve already started the most important step: doing your research!

Some homeowners rush into the process, buying the first HVAC system they find and hiring the first contractor they discover. This is a big mistake, and it’s one that you could end up paying for over the course of the next decade.

Conversely, doing a little bit of research upfront can help you choose energy-efficient HVAC models that practically pay for themselves in savings. Research will help you discover a contractor that knows what you need and is devoted to making it happen.


HVAC installation is one of the most important days in the life of both your home and the system itself. This is because any mistakes that are made during this time will ripple out and affect you and your home for years.

Anything that goes wrong on installation day (for example, ductwork being damaged or not sealed correctly) is like planting a time bomb in your new unit. Sooner or later, that thing is going to fail!

There are many ways this can go wrong, which is why it’s always important to hire the right HVAC professionals instead of trying to do it on your own. In this way, a professional provides more than a solid installation: they provide peace of mind knowing that your new HVAC system is safe and secure and will last a long time.


There are plenty of HVAC contractors out there. They range from big name companies to independent contractors who do HVAC work on the side for extra money.

Unfortunately, this makes it more challenging for you. With all of the different HVAC contractors out there, it becomes much harder to find the one that’s right for you.

We’ve got some good news, though: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte is the HVAC contractor you’ve been looking for! Unlike many contractors you might be tempted to hire, we are fully licensed and insured. This means that you can trust in our expertise while also knowing that your home is protected from any unexpected damage.

Plus, we give you the best of both worlds: We’re an established name, which comes with unmatched expertise and a reputation that you can trust, but we’ve also put down roots in this community. Unlike your average big-name company, we don’t see you as just a number. We value you as a customer and as a neighbor.


All homeowners know that warranties are highly important. They help protect your home from the unexpected. Any good HVAC contractor will also offer warranties, but sometimes it’s tough to tell what you’re getting yourself into.

For example, some warranties are downright confusing to read, and the contractor may not have the ability or inclination to explain it to you. That’s why you need One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte.

Not only do we offer the warranties that you need to protect you, your family and your home, but each is clear about what they will and will not cover. We’re always happy to sit down and explain anything in the warranty that may cause confusion.

Our business is transparency. We know what we’re offering is great, which is why we’ve got nothing to hide from our customers!


Remember when we mentioned all those local contractors? Some people think it’s good to have that selection because you can always call up a different person when something goes wrong.

However, we think that quality work is the foundation of customer loyalty. Why keep calling around when you can call someone who will get it done the right way each time?

Finding the right contractor is a real blessing because they can help you out with so much more than the air conditioning.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte, our expertise extends to things like air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and more. We’re already devoted to saving you money, and now we can save you time; You only have one place to call for all of your cooling and heating needs!


We’ve been talking a lot about choosing the right HVAC contractors. Here’s something you should try to avoid: subcontractors!

Some contractors will actually go and hire out their work to other people. And while these other people may do a fine job, it’s still bad for you as a consumer. With this, you’re not really getting what you paid for when you went to the original contractor with your request.

At One Hour Heating and Air, we handle all of our own work. We have a trained and dedicated staff, and when you hire us, you will always know exactly who is handling the work and how to speak to them if you need to!


This guide is about HVAC installation. However, there is something else you should consider upgrading when you upgrade the HVAC: your thermostat!

One of the important things to know about HVAC installation is just how much heavy lifting the thermostat does. And if you pair a new HVAC with an old thermostat, you might end up wasting a ton of money by trying to keep cool.

Whether it’s for info on programmable and energy-efficient thermostats or a new HVAC system, give us a call. Our experts will save you time and money each month on your bill!