Ah, a new year has begun! Time for a fresh start, new goals, perhaps making some exciting new life changes you’ve been contemplating.

Your HVAC system is also ready to start a new year keeping your family comfortable, safe, and healthy. When your heating and air system is operating at peak performance, it means the temperature you feel and the air you breathe is also at optimal levels. This doesn’t happen automatically, it happens with good system maintenance!

One Hour Heating and Air can ensure your HVAC system is ready for another trip around the four seasons with seasonal inspections at least twice a year to catch any potential operational issues early, before they become a larger, more expensive problem. Right now, many customers are having their winter heater safety check performed and summer air conditioning safety checks are being booked right now.

We perform a comprehensive, multi-point inspection of your HVAC units, along with your thermostat, air filters, and ducts. While our highly-trained and licensed technicians will look at all parts of your system, below are some DIY steps you can take, if you’re comfortable doing so, to make sure your units are in good working order.


1. Change Air Filters & Clean Ducts

The recommended average for changing your air filters is every three months. However, we are realists and understand life gets busy and if it happens every six months…or, even yearly…that’s better than nothing. January is a good time to set a reminder to check and change your air filters. Cleaning your air ducts is a bit more involved, but goes a long way to keeping the air quality in your home at healthy levels. If you prefer that your One Hour professional handle the duct cleaning, we’re happy to do so.

2. Keep Outside Units “In the Clear”

Mid-winter is a great time to check on your outdoor units, especially if you have a lot of trees in your yard. By now, most leaves are off the trees and surrounding shrubs are in the hibernation phase of their growth cycle. Clear all fallen leaves and other organic debris off of your outside HVAC units, making sure the coils are clear. This is also a good time to inspect the surrounding landscaping and physical environment to make sure no other natural or man-made objects encroach on the units. This is one of the most common performance issues our technicians experience on their service calls and, with just a little attention and effort, customers can get maximum life and efficiency from their HVAC system by keeping units clear of obstructions.

3. Check and Adjust the Thermostat

With the advent of smart thermostats, it’s easier than ever to put ideal performance settings on auto-pilot in your home. By programming your thermostat to raise and lower the temperature at certain times of the day, you can synchronize system operation to usage demands and save money on your energy bills. The beginning of a new year is a good time to assess if the schedule in your home has changed and on/off times may need adjusting. For example, has an at-the-office job become work-from-home or vice versa? Has an overnight shift changed to first shift? Is there a new baby in the home? All of these lifestyle changes could mean you need different heating and cooling hours, depending on the season. If changing the thermostat seems daunting, your One Hour technician can make that adjustment during your seasonal system safety check.

4. Check the Weather-Stripping

Having optimal temperatures in your home won’t mean much if the air is seeping out of your windows and doors. Checking and replacing any worn weather-stripping is easy and inexpensive, but can make a huge difference in your system’s effectiveness and on your energy bill.

5. Make the Call!

If you’ve noticed “little things” in recent weeks or months with your heating or air conditioning, use the fresh start of a new year to get this critical home system inspected and any repairs made now, before they become an emergency.

One Hour Heating and Air is ready to kick off this new year with a thorough inspection of your HVAC system and keep your family comfortable, safe, and healthy all year round. We can also provide financing options that will make heating and cooling your home more affordable. Our professionals are your go-to HVAC team in Charlotte and the surrounding area, including Indian Trail, Concord, and Mooresville.

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