Why is Attic Insulation Important?


What’s up? Hopefully, the answer is a well-insulated attic. Insulation provides not just a way to keep your home warmer in the winter but it also helps to make it easier to keep cool in the summer, which is critical for those 90-degree days from June through August. With the right amount of insulation, you can save money all year long on your energy bills. Even if you had insulation installed years ago, it might be time for an upgrade.

Outside Weather

Insulation makes it harder for outside weather to affect your home’s temperature inside. The amount of insulation varies based on where you are in the country. In Florida, you won’t need as much insulation as people who live farther north and experience colder winters, but attic insulation is still beneficial for making it cheaper to keep your home cool over the summer. It also keeps the heat built up in your attic from seeping into the rest of your home.

Largo and the surrounding Tampa Bay area in Florida are at the borderline between two Department of Energy zones for insulation recommendation. For either zone, you should have a minimum of R30 in your attic with up to R49 in areas just to the south and up to R60 in Largo and areas north. It is always a good idea to have insulation at the higher end of the recommended levels. Sealing any air leaks and having a working attic ventilation system both also help to keep your home more comfortable, regardless of the R-value of insulation in your attic.

Right now, Duke Energy is offering a special promotion to let you have more cash in your pocket when you upgrade the insulation in your attic. Through energy savings of up to $130 annually and a rebate averaging $100, you can have another $230 to spend on what you want, and your home will be much more comfortable all year long.

Want more comfort and a little more money in your pocket? Take another look at the insulation in your home’s attic and upgrade it for greater home comfort, savings on your energy bills, and a rebate from Duke Energy.