Help! My AC Is Sinking!!!

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If you suddenly realize that your AC is sinking, leaning or tilting, it should never be ignored. Outside condenser units that aren’t leveled can cause big problems for your home’s comfort, and ignoring this small problem can lead to expensive fixes down the road. If your AC is out of whack, here is everything you need to know about solving the problem!

Why Does It Matter?

So, does it really matter if your AC is a little wonky? After all, how bad can it be if your AC is still keeping your home cool?

The fact is you air conditioner needs to be perfectly leveled. Even if your condenser unit is uneven by 10 degrees, it can cause major problems for your entire system. A sinking or uneven AC puts major stress on your condenser unit. The extra stress will worsen your system’s performance and could cause serious damage. An uneven unit can even lead to broken refrigerant lines. Not only would this make your unit unable to produce cold air, it is a major environmental hazard. If you’re just ignoring your sinking AC, then you are turning a blind eye to a potentially expensive and hazardous problem.

How Did This Happen?

You may be wondering what could have possibly caused your condenser unit to plunge into the ground? Well, there could be a number of different reasons.

It may have been that your unit was not installed properly. If you have a newer unit, this is probably the case. However, it may have been caused by natural circumstances. Extreme weather such as floods and hurricanes can erode the ground under the concrete pad where your condenser unit is placed. This is just something that happens over time, and there’s really no way to prevent it.

What Should I Do?

Small slants and sinks you can fix yourself. All you will need is a bag of sand or dirt and a long wooden board. Work the board under one end of the concrete slab, lifting it up slowly to avoid cracking the concrete. Next, pack the sand under the slab. Do the same for the other side, making the two sides as even as possible.

While this is a good quick fix for small sinks and tilts, it is not a permanent solution. Chances are it will start leaning again over time. Your best and safest bet is to call an AC professional to disconnect and remove the condenser unit. They will then break up the slab and install a new one.

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