The summer sure flew by in a snap. It feels like just yesterday you were lounging in your backyard pool, but believe it or not, it's almost time to turn on your furnace or boiler for the winter. Before you do, it's important that you have your equipment inspected by a heat and air conditioning technician to ensure that everything is working in peak condition. Routine maintenance can help your furnace or boiler run more efficiently, address any safety issues and identify potential trouble areas before they become a major problem. Your heater inspection should cover the following points:

  • A Thorough Fall Cleaning: The first thing the HVAC service professional should do is clean your furnace and associated equipment and swap out the air filter. Dust and grime can build up on the heater, diminishing its performance and making it run less efficiently. Likewise, a clean filter allows air to pass through easily so the fan doesn't have to work as hard to distribute heated air through your home.
  • Fully Armed and Operational: Your heat and air conditioning technician should also check each component of your heating system to ensure that everything is in place and working. Even if the system seems to produce heat as usual, there could be parts that have broken or gone missing, which could lead to larger problems down the line.
  • Plugging Up the Leaks: Any heated air that doesn't make it to its intended room is wasted energy. The technician should make sure there aren't areas where hot air is leaking out before it is delivered to the proper vents.
  • Bleeding Out the System: For consumers who use a boiler and a steam or hot water radiator system, much of the inspection process will be similar to homeowners who have furnaces. One additional step the technician might perform is to bleed air out of the radiators to ensure that heat gets delivered evenly throughout the home.
  • Swabbing the Ducts: If you haven't had the ducts in your heat and air conditioning system cleaned for a few years, it may also be worthwhile to have the technician take a look and give them a cleaning if necessary. Doing so can get rid of irritating particles and allergens that have accumulated, helping you to protect your indoor air quality.

Maintenance in the Present Pays Off Big in the Future

One more big benefit to scheduling your heater inspection in the fall: Heat and air conditioning technicians aren't as busy then as during other seasons, so you have better odds of getting your pick of appointments. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way toward preventing unfortunate breakdowns in the middle of winter and save you big money in emergency repairs. To arrange a checkup for your furnace and boiler before the winter cold sets in, contact a heat and air conditioning specialist today.

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