Get your home heating in shape for football season

Football season is synonymous with chilly temperatures. Get your home's heating and cooling system in shape for Sunday game-day parties before the wintry weather really kicks off. Check out these tips for both cold and warmer climates.

Tips for cold climates

  • Install storm doors and windows

    Those wire mesh screens are great for summer breezes, but during the winter they're letting cold air into your home. Replace them with insulating storm doors and windows to improve your home's energy efficiency and comfort level.

  • Perform a quick do-it-yourself energy audit

    If you’re playing host during the late autumn and winter months performing a basic DIY home energy audit will keep your energy bills down and keep you and your guests more comfortable. Search for air leaks and drafts around doors and windows and caulk them or seal them with weather stripping. You'll also want to check your insulation. Read our full article on home energy audits for more information.

  • Schedule your annual furnace maintenance

    Ensure your furnace is in working order by scheduling a maintenance visit with a trusted HVAC service. A professional technician can inspect your furnace, make any necessary adjustments and even offer suggestions for more efficient use.

  • Create a cozy environment

    When game day arrives, make sure you've got plenty of warm, drinks and hot food to keep your guests toasty. Encourage everyone to represent their team with colorful sweatshirts and thermals. And a few team pride blankets on your couches and chairs can't hurt either!

Tips for warmer climates

  • Be ready for anything

    If you live in the South or Southwest, you're probably less concerned about snowy game-day parties or freezing weather. But a cold snap can still make the temperature plummet, so make sure you're ready for anything and that your heating system is in working order.

  • Take charge of your HVAC system

    Home energy efficiency works the same way, whether it's hot or cold air you want to keep in your home. To ensure that you have a comfortable game day, whether with the AC or the furnace running, make sure your home is properly sealed, insulated and up to the task.

Your local One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating® technicians are always here to help. Give us a call to schedule your yearly furnace inspection and get advice on getting the most out of your heating system.

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