The holidays are nearly here, and family and friends will soon be pouring in to help you celebrate. If you’re hosting the party for Christmas or New Year’s, you might consider the state of your home comfort equipment as you make your preparations. With some relatively small adjustments, you can turn a drafty home into a warm and welcoming space that everyone can enjoy.

Maintain Your System Before the Party

  • Now is a great time to schedule an inspection and tuneup. When a qualified professional conducts a thorough inspection of your furnace and other home comfort equipment, you have a chance of catching and repairing small wear-and-tear problems before they snowball into larger issues. And with a simple tuneup, you can give a boost to your energy efficiency at the start of the coldest time of the year.
  • Replace your air filters. This is routine year-round maintenance, but it’s especially important when the temperatures are extreme and your HVAC system is running more frequently. Dirty air filters not only cost you more by sapping your energy efficiency, they can also cause accelerated wear on your critical equipment.
  • Clean your ductwork. Over time, airborne particles can collect inside your ducts and negatively affect the treated air that moves through them. This can result in unwanted odors or even respiratory irritation for guests who have allergy sensitivities.

Time for a Change

  • Check your insulation, and replace it if necessary. This is especially important in your attic, as homes tend to experience significant heat loss through the top floor ceiling. If there is less than six to seven inches of insulation on your attic floor, it’s time for replacement.
  • Enhance your insulation further by seeking out sources of drafts and leaks in your ductwork. Plugging leaky ducts with adhesive will help deliver more of your treated air to your living spaces, and shoring up drafts will prevent cold outside air from sneaking in. Be sure to check the edges of all windows and doors, replacing weather stripping as needed.
  • Consider upgrading your thermostat. A programmable thermostat can deliver significant energy savings as the temperatures drop. And if you really want the latest technology, look into smart thermostats. These models offer all the advantages of programmable versions, but most are able to learn your habits and preferences and can be controlled with any smart phone.

The holiday season is for spending quality time with the ones you love, so be sure to take care of these tasks beforehand to avoid an unexpected HVAC breakdown or other problems when you’re ready to celebrate. If you want to learn more about how to carry out any of these tasks, get in touch with your local home comfort experts.

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