A Home Humidifier Can Prevent Dry Skin this Winter

For too many Americans, winter is synonymous with dry skin season. Chapped lips, peeling hands and itchy legs are frequent consequences of spending time in the dry, cold air. Even in the warmth of your home, dry air can persist and suck away all the moisture from your body. Fortunately, you can combat the plague of dry skin by incorporating a whole-home humidifier into your heat and air conditioning system. Read on to learn more.

Health Problems and Damage to Your Home

Low humidity levels can be harmful to you and your family on a variety of levels. We all know about dry skin, which can be a nuisance, but can also cause cracking, peeling and even infections when allowed to persist. Other illnesses like the cold and the flu are more likely to gain a foothold in a dry-air environment, as well.

If that’s not enough, dry air can also aggravate your asthma and allergies and can even damage many of your household valuables, including wood, paint and electronics. Finding a way to boost the humidity in your home is a good strategy to protect your health and your possessions while maintaining smooth, attractive skin.

Smooth Integration to Your Heat and Air Conditioning System

There are a variety of single-room humidifiers on the market, and they can certainly be useful in improving your indoor air quality. But households that use a forced-air furnace can take the battle against dry skin even further with a whole-home humidifier that hooks directly into the existing heat and air conditioning system.

Whole-home humidifiers work by releasing water vapor into your ducts so it gets distributed around the home. They can even be programmed via the thermostat, allowing you to control exactly the humidity level you want in your home. Not too dry, not too swampy -- just right.

Saving Money on Your Heating Bills

There’s one more big bonus to a using whole-home humidifier -- it can save you money on your heat and air conditioning bills. That’s because people often feel colder when the air is dry, so they tend to knock the thermostat up a notch or two, which can cost big money in the long run. Who knew that a littler water vapor could be so valuable?

If you’re tired of dry skin and need help installing a humidifier into your heat and air conditioning system, contact a qualified HVAC professional without delay.

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