Autumn means beautiful foliage and temperate weather in many areas of the United States. The season can also be a good opportunity to give your heat and air conditioning system a break. Although those October nights can start to get chilly, you can take certain steps to stay warm and delay turning on your furnace or boiler for the winter, racking up precious savings on your energy bills. Check out these tips on how to stay warm without turning up the thermostat:

  • Insulate, insulate, insulate: We usually think about insulation in terms of keeping the air treated by our heat and air conditioning system inside our homes, but it's also useful for preventing outside drafts and chilly fall air from getting in as well. Seal up any cracks or leaky areas with caulk or spray foam, and pay special attention to the frames around your doors and windows.
  • Beef up your windows: Speaking of windows, they’re also essential to keeping out the cold. If you want to go all out, purchase double or even triple paned windows to create a thick level of protection against the outside. An easier solution, if you haven't budgeted time or money for full-on window replacement, is to purchase a glazing film and stretch it over the window to create an extra buffer to the cold winds.
  • Put the winter curtains up: We're not done with the windows just yet. One more intervention you can make is to hang up thick thermal curtains to put one more layer between your indoor air and the great outdoors. You can use the curtains strategically, as well, opening them during the day to let in the sun's warming rays, then shutting them in the evening to trap that warm air inside.
  • Buy extra sweaters, tights and socks: The best solution to prolonging the time before you need to fire up the heater is also the simplest – just wear warmer clothes around the house. Sweaters and socks can go a long way toward retaining your body heat, and an extra blanket on the bed will keep you comfortable all night long. It's possible to take things too far, of course – once you feel like you need to pull on a knit hat indoors, it's probably time to get the furnace going for the winter.

Extend Your Savings All Winter Long

The best part is, even after you turn on the heat for the season, these tricks will also help you keep the thermostat a few degrees lower, saving you money all winter long. If you need help shoring up your home to keep the cold at bay, contact an expert heat and air conditioning technician today.

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